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2019 7 Feb

Olhos de Gato / Tous les oiseaux

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„There is a real sense of dramatic narration about this performance, which is highly considered, thoroughly idiomatic, and bursting with contained subtlety and enchantment. This feeling of being so close to life, and yet so elusive and unfathomable, is breathtaking. These are haunting melodies embroidered with Eleni Karaindrou’s finest pianistic tracery, a marvel of scintillating pianistic prowess, imagination and finesse.“

Jean-Keith Fagon, Hill Rag

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  1. Rosato:

    Olhos de Gato

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Wunderbar, Rosato, auch in dieser Fassung.

    Wie nahtlos sich die Paul Bley-Komposition, oder war es Carla, die das Stück schrieb, nein, ich glaube nicht, in die Musik von Eleni einfügen lässt …

  3. Gregor:

    Olhos de Gato ist eine Carla-Bley-Komposition.

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Yes, and we know how Paul‘s playing it.

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