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2018 6 Sep

Harry Dean Stanton

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„It’s the humblest deep movie of recent years, a work in the same vein as American marginalia like “Stranger Than Paradise” and “Trees Lounge,” but with its own rhythm and color, its own emotional temperature, its own reasons for revealing and concealing things. There’s a long scene of Lucky smoking cigarettes at night and thinking. The soundtrack plays Johnny Cash’s “I See a Darkness,“ one of many late-career classics in which the singer faced the certainty of his own death. The sandblasted terrain of Harry Dean Stanton’s face in this scene constitutes a movie within a movie, a life revealed in contemplation. It’s one of the most powerful things I’ve ever seen. I felt that way before Stanton left us. I feel it even more keenly now.“

(Matt Zoller Seitz)

„My first encounter with the actor Harry Dean Stanton was the week Wim Wenders‘ „Paris, Texas“ appeared in German cinemas. Did I know that guy from old Western films, or did I read that Stanton was a well known face in those movies without ever taking center stage? Anyway. That movie had an enormous emotional impact on me at the time, I don‘t know if the film was that good, or if I took it all personal. So I saw the movie three times in three days. Never use handkerchiefs in cinema, let tears roll and dry on the skin, it has a cooling effect! Now I got my hands on the bluray edition of „Lucky“. I’m a bit older now. What a movie!“

(Michael Engelbrecht)


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