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2018 2 Sep

„master of the primitive“

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„Although Glenn Jones’s recording processes are very technically simple, with single microphones best capturing the required sound from either his guitar or banjo, the location has always been very important to him, and for The Giant, he decided to revisit a spot last used six years back for My Garden State. “We decided the best of our options was to head back to Forest Hill Farm, where that one was recorded,” he tells us. “So it was a bit of a homecoming in a way because I love that spot, it’s about a quarter mile off the main road down a gravel track. It’s super quiet too, you can hear airplanes way off in the distance; in fact, on ‘River in the Sky’, the field recordings of the airplanes and the insects buzzing and all that stuff was recorded by Laura [Baird] at Forest Hill Farm, probably a couple of years ago. It’s a remote spot where you can relax and forget about the world for the week or so that you’re making the record.”



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