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2018 30 Aug

33 parade 2022 (no. 28): Moor Mother

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The woman behind „Moor Mother“ is Camea Ayewa. Her deep and simple wish: keep jazz history alive without collecting dust! Memories easily turn pale when being marginalised by putting them into safe places. She opposes such losing ends with non-linear historiography – and an impressionistic theatre of voices, moods, and reverberations. What unfolds before our ears is certainly one of the most exciting jazz radio plays to imagine. 19 short compositions open up a deeply relaxed network of jazz, hip-hop, spoken word, soul and ambient. Any analytical approach is strictl forbidden. Resembling pure dream texts, „Jazz Codes“ offers a journey through history, from a consistently Afro-American perspective: memories of jazz legends, excursions on racism, the indispensability of the blues, the sexual origins of the word jazz. And so much more. Tune in, dream on, remember all!

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