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2018 30 Aug

33 parade 2022 (no. 29): Joona Toivanen Trio

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An eerie forest and cloudy landscape adorns the cover of the Finnish piano trio‘s stunning album „Both Only“, a sonic and adventurous take on „nordic noir“ – this label should not be reserved for some gloomy nordic crime novels alone! Whereby the atmospheric range of this combo goes far beyond dark and spooky „mood music“. Nine fascinating, almost film-like moods revolving around airy and dense textures, including instuments found in the studio and, easy to experience, entrancing effects in the course of events (by creative use of repetitive figures arising from the shadows). Each piece has a special pull of near-stills, slow motion and accelerations. A good quantum of „mystery“ prevents any trace of routine. Of couryse, „Both Only“ is a stand-alone, but you cannot go wrong to try to let the music put its spell on you in between the reading the Swedish master novel „Was ans Licht kommt“ (Rowohlt 100 Augen)!

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