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2018 3 Jun

US jazz magazine Downbeat grants Steve Tibbetts’ Life of a rare five-star review

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‘Life Of Emily’, for example, opens with Tibbetts playing in a sliding, vocalized style that, along with Marc Anderson’s hand percussion, evokes the sound of Indian classical music. But about 13 seconds in, the drone beneath those soothingly serpentine lines drops a minor third, and the mood shifts. Although Tibbetts continues to play slippery, string-bending filigrees, the rhythmic pulse quietly has become more insistent. It’s drama, but of a sort so subtle it easily can be missed without close listening. Pay close attention, though, and ‚Life Of‘ reveals a world of sonic surprises. […] It might be less than an hour long, but ‘Life Of’ will provide years of deep and rewarding listening.

J.D. Considine, Downbeat 

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