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2018 26 Mrz

Eine kleine Auflage, 50 Musikkassetten!

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Born out of a deep friendship for ambient music Amandus Schaap and Evert Kramer joined forces to create Done. A beautiful piece of ambient work, full of fragile moments blessed with melancholia and hidden soundmessages.

Evert Kramer plays classic piano surrounded by different kind of ambient and noise sounds by Amandus Schaap, known for his moniker Equal Stones. The album evolves out of tiny piano themes, harmonies and different layers of guitar drones and field recordings. Although the tracks have melancholic titles, there is always a feeling of hope in the tracks. It is this divergency that brings the album to the point.

The mastering by Rafael Anton Irisarri brings out a very warm atmosphere, which perfectly fits for this tape release.

The tape is limited to 50 copies housed in thick cardboard o-cards. The tapes come in a beautiful green transparent colour with a full printed A side.


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Abailable on download, too.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I just bought the casette with download code. Via Pay Pal.

    On that record store day, when it is about to start, April 21st, I do have my Radio Night Klanghorizonte, with the special topic in the middle of the five hours: THE QUIET SPACES OF SUFFOLK – THE MUSIC OF ROGER ENO.

    As you see, I have an incredible variety in my theme hours.

    So, it might be a good idea, to play a track from the cassette in the middle of Roger‘s hour, as an echo from our times mirroring the golden age of Ambient Music in London, Woodbridge, Hamilton, Ontario, and New York…

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I think the idea is so wonderful to put this music in a public space via „old cassettes“, from a time when Chromdioxide Tapes and Ambient music had their salad days.

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