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2018 13 Mrz

For Misty

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Beyond the lost past,
Beyond all fading memory,
Beyond the smell of decaying leaves
And the half remembered taste of warm bread one winter’s morning in late December,
and how you laughed in delight at our delight,
I love you
Beyond the frail tendrils of dying cells
Flaming out in super novas of forgotten embraces
I love you
Beyond the loss of your very self,
And even your own name,
Beyond the loss of your senses,
And the loss of making sense-
And Memories disappearing behind you
Like trains uncoupling and abandoned on empty snow covered tracks,
fading into darkness,
silent and still,
I love you
Beyond hope,
Beyond reason,
Beyond the loss of everything precious,
I love you
Now, now and now and for always,
Beyond time,
Beyond the body,
Beyond unspeakable pain,
Beyond the horrifying recognition of
The broken mind,
The heart is alive, intact
And perfect
This is how I see you,
And I will love and hold you in my heart forever
And always.

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1 Comment

  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The best way to live love.

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