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2017 17 Dez

Time capsule

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It was the time you were an older kid, not really a teenager yet, you´d never really kissed anyone, but you had a best friend who was a bit more than a best friend and you didn´t really know about this love thing and one day the two of you took a cassette player and just had a small conversation with each other and you took the cassette and some things that were important to you, just toys (a plasticky plane), in a box made of wood and you rode with your bikes around and in the middle of nowhere you spotted a large tree and you buried the box in a distance of six feet from the trunk. About twenty years later you drove there, you excavated the box, you put the cassette in the player, press „play“ and this is, what you hear:


[boy] Is it on? I don´t think it´s on.

[girl] It´s on.

[boy] Okay, uh, this is Kate Austen and Tom Brennan. And this is our dedication for our time capsule here on August 15th, 1989. Hey, give me that back.

[Kate] Why are you putting this stuid plane in there?

[Tom] Because it´s cool, Katie. I got it when I flew to Dallas by myself.

[Kate] Ooh, that is cool! It´s just like this time capsule.

[Tom] It´ll be totally cool when we dig it up in, like, 20 years.

[Kate] How do you know we´ll be together?

[Tom] Cos we´ll be married. You´ll be a mom – and we´ll have nine kids.

[Kate] I don´t think so. As soon as I get my licence, we should just get in a car and drive. Like, you know, run away.

[Tom] You always run away, Katie.

[Katie] Yeah. And you know why.


Lost, Season one, Episode 22


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