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2017 16 Dez

Manamory (21/2014) (Greetings from Glow)

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[Ruth hands her headshot photo]
Sam Sylvia: Ruth Wilder. Looks like you.
Ruth: Yeah. It’s a headshot.
[Sam looks at Ruth’s credentials]
Sam Sylvia: Oh, Strindberg. Who the fuck is that?
Ruth: Oh, it’s a playwright.
Sam Sylvia: I’m kidding. I know who Strindberg is. I’m not an idiot. So what are you, like a … like a real actor?
Ruth: Yeah. I’ve done a bunch of plays in Omaha. At a little spot called the Blue Barn Theatre. I did a film a few years back. I’ve also done extensive mask work and clowning workshops.
Ruth: How much acting will there be on this show?
Sam Sylvia: As opposed to what?
Ruth: Hair pulling?
Sam Sylvia: You don’t like wrestling?
Ruth: Well, I don’t really know wrestling.
Sam Sylvia: You don’t think wrestling is acting?
Ruth: It’s not, is it? It’s… It’s more like a sport with costumes? Or… sorry, are you… Are you hiring actors to play wrestlers or are we the wrestlers?
Sam Sylvia: Yes.
Ruth: Which one?
Sam Sylvia: Do people think you’re pretty? Because, like, I’m looking at you. One second, I think, ‚Fuck yeah, she’s hot.‘ And then the next second, I’m like, ‚I don’t know. Is she? Really?‘ I mean, you just have one of those faces that kind of … changes. Like, ‚Ehh … Hmm.‘ I don’t know.
Ruth: What the hell does that mean?
Sam Sylvia: It means I don’t know … Ruth. Ruth. Ruth. That is not a great name.


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I never thought this actress playing Ruth who gave such a special performance in MAD MEN could come away with such a different character that I didn‘t recognize her till I read about GLOW after seeing the first season.

  2. Martina Weber:

    Who does she play in MAD MEN?

  3. Jochen:

    Ruth in Glow and Trudy Campbell in Mad Men were played by an actress who is also a professional clown in real life.

    Marc Maron who played Sam Sylvia in Glow is also a funny and sharply biting comedian. I recommended his show (Netflix) some time ago elsewhere on this blog.

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