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2017 13 Sep

Pocahontas on the Shetlands

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It’s interesting in retrospect that in his long career (if you don’t get me on the wrong track) Neil Young only released three pure solo albums, and not one of them before decades and decades have passed. Live at Massey Hall, Live at The Cellar Door, and Hitchhiker. All from the ’70s. Absolutely moving, raw works of intimacy, vision, and some weed in the mix. Oh, yes, I forgot the one he recorded, years ago, in an old time-travel booth (but even there, a distance of decades between the hour of recording and the time in mind). And, ahem, it may seem far-fetched and contrived, too clever to really get you hooked, but when I just listened to the stunning new album from the Danish String Quartet, Last Leaf (ECM New Series), full of ancient „Nordic Folk“ in a broad sense, reaching out to the Shetlands, I was suddenly dreaming of a magic radio hour where, in a constant give-and-take, the Danish Quartet and young Neil change places with each song. Second guess, it would work fine, suprise! Ah, we leave out the time-travel booth album in that strangely perfect sequence that would, soundwise, interrupt the flow.


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