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2017 22 Jul

Good Luck for August

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Rosato might be back from Iceland and publish his diaries here, or forget about everything while listening to the forthcoming Alexei Lubimov recordings of C. P. E. Bach on an ancient instrument. Brian, The Whistler, might lead a (hopefully) quiet life on his North Californian ranch – with Weather Report’s newly remixed „Heavy Weather“ high on rotation, forgetting about his trans-atlantic friends. Gregor might cross one of the Seven Seas with a copy of Rodach’s wonderful „Die Zeit Ist Rund“ in his survival kit. We don’t know which part of „everything is magic“ the wild bunch of Manafonistas will experience within the next weeks – it’s adventure time -, but what we know is, that our suspensefully expected, monthly recommendations will materialize during the last days of July. At this moment of time, only the „bingewatch section“ has been decided – the first season of „Glow“ has a lot of qualities – placed in the mid-80’s it also reveals that the music of that decade had been better than people’s memories might actually believe!

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