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2017 21 Jul


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„When you walk through an urban environment, you take the strangeness of the architecture for granted.“


“Ecrivez vite sans sujet préconçu, assez vite pour ne pas retenir et ne pas être tenté de vous relire.”


„New York was built at about the same time as Manchester and Liverpool, and they all share the same materials and evolution of architectural style, as if they are all a single city. I feel as though I spend my life walking between them, and at points they all dissolve into each other. Add Paris, Berlin and London as suburbs of that city, as well.“


„But gradually our address was completed, it came, with allotted voices: ‚West,‘ ‚Didsbury,‘ ‚Manchester‘ ‚England.‘ The last word was mine, I wouldn’t give it up, I added ‚Europe.'“


„The lights are coming on in Summer Hill, the railway yard, the flour mills / Walk along familiar streets to put you back together piece by piece“


„Suddenly he couldn’t think what time of year it was. What’s the difference, said the traffic sounds, the sky, the footsteps on the pavement. Winter is always either just ahead or just behind.“


„I was twenty-two, just made Second Navigator. She was twenty-eight, a stage designer. On my next downtime in London we hoppered up to Dundee, got a surface hirecar permit, and drove up through Recreation Reserve 7 to the Moray Firth.“


„I felt feeling a half Scotch and pottage like roung my middle ageing like Bewley in the baste so that I indicate out to myself and I swear my gots how that I’m not meself at all, no jolly fear, when I realise bimiselves how becomingly I to be going to become.“


„Ikkyu held up the pieces of the broken cup, and said: “It was time for your cup to die.”“


„What is this. This is what what is.“


„Everything is repairable. Everything is broken.“


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1 Comment

  1. Lajla:

    Sounds like a Buddhist is hiking in the Summer Hill Glen.

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