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2017 20 Jul

Madness first

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What means solid, traveller? Madness first. Among other things this musical action could be construed as a threaded mosaic of funny – not „ha, ha“ but touched, refracted, burst and demented – perspectives upon the blues. (D. Torn)


For years now while watching films in television but especially nowadays while recepting those new high quality TV Series I always play guitar asides to accompany and analize the given soundtrack. This makes me feel like beeing right in the middle of things. Many marvellous songs and sounds suddenly flashed up from time to time – no matter if it was with Mad Men, Bloodline, Justified or Sons of Anarchy. You doubt if it´s worth watching Hap & Leonard? Wait until that lively Mississippi-Banjo-Country-Rhythm rises up in the middle of nowhere and you know you are on the right trip. Especially while accompaning those countrysongs and -sounds, sometimes playing improvised lines above it, I often had David Torn in my mind – at least since Only Sky, his solo-masterpiece. A nirvana without coffee is a no-go, a friend of rumanian philosopher Emile Cioran once acclaimed. According to that I would like to suggest: playing guitar without being in tune and torned up makes no sense.


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