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2017 27 Jun

„Unheimlichkeitsmusik“ (2)

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Hi Michael,


Thanks for this – much appreciated.

The “unheimlich” reference works fine for me, be it a reference to Freud (or Hitchcock …) or just “uncanny, dreamlike”.

Funny that you should mention a “vocal album”. Several of the tracks on “Unrest” actually started as demos featuring vocals. They had to be sacrificed for the greater good, and were banished to the “outtakes” playlist … I don’t have enough confidence in my singing to do a vocal album – or at least it would demand a lot of work to bring it to the required level.

And yes, Sidsel should definitely do a proper solo album soon – her “Manafon” – where she crystallizes her development since the “ECM songs albums” into the masterpiece she definitely has in her.

Again, thanks for your feedback. It means a lot.




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