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2017 27 Jun

Pure archaeology

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„After the rapid success and demise of Young Marble Giants in 1980, I lived for a while in London, then Nottingham and finally Ilkeston, before prodigally returning to my home town of Cardiff.

I began to use multitrack recording, as a method of composition, whilst holed up in Nottingham, initially on a TEAC four track reel to reel and later a new-fangled, four track cassette Portastudio.“

All songs, singing and instruments written, performed and recorded by Stuart Moxham except where otherwise credited.

I took the title “Holding Pattern” from a recent, as yet unrecorded, song because I needed something pronto for this album. It wasn’t until I started writing these sleeve notes that I saw its significance; the music here having waited 35 years or so to land. Almost as bad as Heathrow.

Thanks to Drew, Stav, Spike, Deb and Ian K, for all their brilliant contributions and to John Henderson for seeing the value and having the faith, enthusiasm and stamina to make this record happen. Artwork by Leka and Aleksandra Mladenovic.“
release date: August, 24

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