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2017 24 Jun

After 20 Years

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„OK Computer never stopped sounding timeless. In its new form as OKNOTOK, unreleased songs feed off beloved B-sides, forming a web that supports the concrete themes of the original album so as to make its points even sharper. For a record of technological dread and personable anxieties, it never felt so good to be reminded of what a dystopia the future could become — a future we’re already living in — and how predictable our very existence is that we already know how it’s going to end. Perhaps Radiohead’s greatest feat with this record wasn’t predicting the future, but accepting it. They don’t welcome it warmly. Rather, they accept it as an inevitable evil, and the intimacy that comes with peace of mind like that can be heard from top to bottom, all the way down to a the knowledge that the only option is to move forward, no matter how harrowing that direction may be.“

(Nina Corcoran, consequence of sound)

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