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2016 29 Sep

Tigran Hamasyan – Arve Henriksen – Eivind Aarset – Jan Bang: „Atmosphères“

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There have been some reasons for the long span of time (more than two years) between the production and the release of this double-album, but none of these have to do with a lack of importance or class. At the beginning of June 2014, I was sitting in one of the RSI studios watching the mixing of an overwhelming “flow of ideas”. No one had expected these sessions to deliver so much material. I’m full of memories when thinking back. The endless patience of the recording engineer, the little gestures and dancing steps of Manfred Eicher, the musicians listening at the back wall. Everybody was delighted (full of quiet joy) though nothing on this album strives for obvious highlights, irresistible grooves, fireworks and big echoes. The music itself is meandering between melodic sketches, carefully growing and receding all the way through, moving sideways, not even being afraid of moments on the verge of falling apart. Old Armenian melodies are melting with endlessly rich, “Northern” textures. “Atmosphères” is a fitting title – a hint to the classic composition with the same name by Lygeti, and, probably a distant parallel of Brian Eno’s ambient explorations “Apollo – Soundtracks and Atmospheres”. Stunning!

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