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2016 4 Sep

Far away

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This Faroese is burning the feathers of a Fulmar. I have seen Fulmars on the street not able to fly, because they are too fat. In the Harbour of Tórshavn they sell them beside potatoes. The birdlife is interesting for those, who enjoy watching it. Sunleif Rasmussen, the Faroese contemporary classical composer, finds his inspiration in the nature, especially from birds, when they sing in a choir, while nesting. On my hike today I´ve heard many different sounds, I could get close to a Puffin Group and saw some Oystercatchers. I am afraid of birds.


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1 Comment

  1. Martina Weber:

    Those are biggies. I´d be afraid of them, too. As a kid and young girl I had birds in my room, first singing birds (which refused to become tame) and then a budgie that was very trusting. I let her fly free in my room every day. She was a bit crazy, wanted to drink ink out of my pen, but I didn´t allow it.

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