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2016 4 Sep

In a landscape

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Broderick’s own version of Cage’s „In a Landscape“ shows, in typically Broderick fashion, a painstaking attention to detail. „I listened to a recording that I had over and over, five seconds or so at a time, picking out every single note. Then cross-referencing what I’d learned with other versions of the piece as well as the original score.“ Whilst it’s a powerful and detailed homage to the original, Broderick’s own stylistic idiosyncrasies are evident on this quite stunning version with heavier crescendos and more emotional intensity than the original. „The feeling of playing this piece really brought me close to the piano again”, Broderick said, “it brought new life into my own piano songs.“

(On Peter Brodericks games with chance, his new album „Partners“ – short excerpt from a review in The Quietus)


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  1. Martina Weber:

    Dunno much of Broderick´s work, but this is my favourite song by him: It starts hear …

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    It all may appear a bit Tate Modern, but it’s a highly refreshing, even touching piece of music, the new one.

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