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2016 26 Jun

Listen to the Radio

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„I’ve got a double-o-eighteen Martin guitar in the back seat of the car.
Hey, I’m leaving Mississippi with the radio on …“ ( Nancy Griffith)


I am in a very good mood. Bought me a beautiful Italian dress. Gonna wear it tomorrow at the Finissage. Tonite Wales won the match. I’m gonna buy my cinnamon rolls now in London, not in Wales. I’m gonna discuss Hegel, Heidegger, Honneth now in Scotland, not in Leeds. But there is hope. Yesterday I attended the Time Based Academy ‚On Air‘. This is a platform for Art in Duesseldorf. Subject was: „Commercial radio sucks – creating alternative channels in music and art.“ There I listened to a Talk of Youngsters from the Radio Station London: NTS is a live radio channel from London, which is showcasing artists and music from all over the world since 5 years. NTS The Guardian Radio hour on Friday should be interesting to listen to, when musicians, artists, writers from The Guardian talk about music they love, from music you never heard before … NTS studios are in Leeds, Manchester, Calais, Shanghai, New York, Russia. Souvenirs from Earth TV seems to be an interesting linear channel, situated in Duesseldorf. Marcus Kreiss talked about this first cable TV in Germany on Unitymedia and in France on Orange. They are broadcasting 24/7, more than 2 Million/mth, mostly young people listen/ watch their programs of art films, music, installation, dance … The idea is to bring multimedia art at home. When I opened the program, one of my favourite group was playing: Admiral Fallow.


You ask me for my music list? Easy to tell:


  1. Alex Turner: Glass in the Park (we are all Monkeys, Nordic Monkeys. Kings of the primates)
  2. Brian Eno: The Ship
  3. Van Morrison: It’s too late to stop now
  4. William Tyler: Modern Country
  5. Naqsh Duo: Narrante


Back to the Talks at Time Based Academy. A young London girl in a sexy jumpsuit explained the relation between Fluxus and the Opera village in Burkina Faso. Christoph Schlingensief, the founder of this magic place, must be still alive. What a visionary he was! How he dared to work in the Wallhalla with Intermedia. It killed him. Art is always very close to life and death.

(These airwaves are for our EU member Ian.)

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1 Comment

  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Great list :)

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