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2016 18 Jun

The amazing adventures of Michael Michael

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Anyone remembering the album, and the long „killer track“ from John Surman’s first or second  album for ECM? „The Amazing Adventures of Simon Simon“. Mr. Surman had been assisted by Jack DeJohnette whose latest solo album with the sons of Garrison and Coltrane is utterley inventive jazz. Joey is dying for it, and you could have heard it in my night show. The man on the cover reveals a sense of humour not typical for the ascetism of classic ECM covers. And he is definitely bearing no resemblance with my outer appearance. For god’s sake, I’m blessed with a good sense of humour. I have quite long hair and a rediscovered longing for the wilderness. My trip to the Highlands has only been the beginning. During the last weeks my life changed into a surreal mix of the inside of a washing mashine in full working mode (listen to the thrilling new Matmos record to get the point of being inside such a household treasure) and a Nouvelle Vague movie (with much more action involved than in that usual Eric Rohmer „ennui“). So, the end of the year might mark the end of my radio days. No sentimental feelings required. Too much horizons still opened (even if the sky will come tumbling down). I own a small appartment in Bochum that would offer shelter forever. On the other hand, my love for the wild side of life will never stop, and I’ve always known how to steal horses and apples, how to find good mushrooms, and how to beat up trolls and evil-minded lorry drivers (if necessary). And, change of scenery, I do have a favourite land: Great Britain. Brexit, or no Brexit. I’m speaking about the landscapes and two friends over there. I will walk the Coastal Path in Cornwall, I do know the „Road To St. Ives“ only too well. And you remember the other John Surman solo album with the same name? Great. Circles closing. Spaces opening. Good night, and good riddance!

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The title is an ironic take on the title of the Surman album, and, in no way, self-obsessed, as some not so shining minds might come to think. Of course, I’ve left out some sad things.

    Sadness is just the rain that, according to the old saying, is falling, from time to time, in everyone’s life. Some get the soft or the the hard version, some see the rain that never stops. It’s good to collect sundowns.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    In meiner unabgeglichenen Erinnerung gab es noch ein Soloalbum, ein reines, v o r Simons Abenteuern, und zwar UPON REFLECTION. Ich hatte John Surann einst live gehört, kurz vor seiner ECM-Karriere, in Münster, mit S.O.S. – ein grosses Trio mit Alan Skidmore und Michael (? – oder Tony) Osborne.

  3. Rosato:

    Mike Osborne (alto sax, percussion)

    SOS was formed in April 1973. The first public performance was in Brussels in October of that year …

    Most SOS gigs have taken place in Europe, but it was during a recent two-day visit to Scotland that serious plans to record finally took place. Engineer Dave Ruffell went to a lot of trouble and did a very good job for us in getting the sound we wanted and it would be a shame to see his efforts wasted so PLAY THIS RECORD LOUD and think you will be recompensated for any aggraviation of the neighbours.

    Die Vinylscheibe liegt vor mir, ich lege sie gleich auf.

    vertiefen …

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Ich hoffe, du hörst sie LAUT!!!!!

    Ich glaube, ich möchte die Platte irgendwann mal leihen von dir, oder mir die CD besorgen. Falls es die gibt.

    Ich sah die Band 1973 oder eher 1974 im Westfälischen Landesmuseum in Münster, Westfalen, hier die Liste meiner dort zwischen 1973 und 1975 gesehenen Konzerte:


    Jan Garbarek Quartet (Danaere-Quartett)
    Oregon ( klassiches Besetzng )
    Gateway ( DeJohnette, Abercrombie, Holland)

    (Gehört alles zu Amazing Asventures of Michael Michael)

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