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2016 29 Apr

„One Breath“

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„As much as The X-Files is a show about how horrifying the unknown and unknowable can be, and how powerless individuals are when facing the weight of oppression, it is also the story of two people who manage to find and maintain faith in one another. Mulder and Scully may never be able to topple a vast global conspiracy, but they will be able to help one another. In One Breath (from Season 2, 1994) Mulder’s affection helps to guide Scully home, and Scully helps to bring Mulder back into the light.“

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    SCULLY: Could I see Nurse Owens? I’ve got something I’d like her to have.

    NURSE: Nurse who?

    SCULLY: Owens. Short with straight light brown hair? She watched over me in intensive care and I’d like to thank her.

    NURSE: Dana, I’ve worked here for ten years and there’s no Nurse Owens at this hospital.

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