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2016 16 Apr

SYRO relistenifeyed

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The rain had poured since dawn upon the craggy Northumberland countryside, over tin shed roofs, farmsteads, hill clefts and footpaths, trickling in rivulets down windscreens and foreheads, soaking gardens, small pub car parks and fence posts, glistening the yellow-brown leaves of early autumn and the sills of windows everywhere.

Rain. So much rain. An unending wetness threatens to drown dreams of dry weekend weddings, country walks and youthful skylarking in twilit harvest fields, a pouring not so much of water as of gloomy indoors listlessness, driving people to the kitchen kettle, the wireless, the unfinished jigsaw puzzle and other workaday pursuits, while the incessant tapping of rain on pane and sill played out its subtle insistent rhythm of quiet enervation.

Zigzagging away thru the boredom and the pain stunning communist architecture now and then glancing up thru the rain to beyond it: the fuck-all that is nowhere and endless.

SYRO. September 2014 songs. Spring 2016 relistening:
1 [67] cubist xylophone. chrono holz! lols
2 [120] n,n-dimethyltryptamine/stocktaking. get off the ind. est. shapes/no shadows
3 [101] 9Roy Orbison0
4 [126.26] made my heart burst
5 [130] roland tr-808 i swarm of bees
6 [141.98] sea v. sea (see) view. „I want to play my Space Invaders!“
7. [138.85]
8. [152.97] insect olympics
9. [141.98] nonchalant bermonndsey superiotituty thames floatwr
10. [155] no copyright case. the innocemce of *becoming*. your bravery of space travel
11. [163.97] dogs barking. birds singing. elephant elephant
12. [102] love sky constellation warzone. bright clothes for winter

Bright clothes for winter.

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