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2016 3 Apr

Green glass balconies

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I’ve got pockets full of solutions to the problems of the world
I’ve got barbecues like footballs perched on green glass balconies
Where dereliction used to fester
Where the coffee bars spread like weeds
And streetlights flicker eternal*



*The Karl Hyde lyric is weak lights flicker in tunnels but hey, my ears hear what they hear. Edgeland is still on heavy rotation in my personal playlist. I fucking love this record. Fucking genius, fucking all. Fucking everything: fucking motorways, fucking supermarkets, fucking clouds in my coffee.

Notes on the photo: this was taken in Staten Island in late April 2012. I have no memory of why I took it, or what happened that day. If there was a moment under the moment, then this was it. The cosmos was broken. The cosmos was repairable. She kissed me: it felt like a hit.

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