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2016 29 Mrz


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I love Love – this precious californian comedy. The more precise term is called „dramedy“. Spiegelonline wrote about it and same did DIE ZEIT. Those articles sounded interesting. So I stepped directly into the first episode, via first class Netflix streaming. After virtual journeys to New York (Mad Men), Lousianna (True Detective), Minnesota (Fargo), Florida (Bloodline), Northern Essex (The Detectorists), Kopenhagen (Rita) and Malmö (The Bridge) a trip to L.A. seemed to make sense. And so it was: love not at first but second sight – cause when I saw that stupid, jewish looking guy acting with his awkful gestures the first reaction was to drop it. But then the characters slowly unfolded and soon I liked them. The soundtrack is marvelous. To put some names into the frame: Pete Townsend, Wilco and Violent Femmes. The characters are somehow cracked-up, lost or loosers. It´s hard to struggle with life in a town where happiness is an imperative gun. Like once Lacan said: „Hands up, guys – Enjoy!“


„Love“ (Trailer)

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1 Comment

  1. Lajla:

    God damnit, he throws my favorite „Sweet home Alabama“ out of the window.

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