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2016 27 Feb


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„33 years since its original arrival, January 22 saw the release of the re-mastered version of one of John Cale’s most unique and lauded solo records, Music For A New Society, alongside a visceral new reworking of the album under the title M:FANS – a record that explores the relationship between old and new, in terms of the sound and vision, and Cale’s memories of the experience, in terms of his life, and the recording.“ (

I listened. I laughed (cried?) What now?

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  1. ijb:

    Quite a coincidence:

    Less than five minutes ago I watched that interview with John Cale …

  2. Ian M:

    Great interview.

    „I’ve always tried to have a great thumping 808 in any arrangement I do.“

    Fucking genius.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Great concrete poetry :)

    Great remastering of the old masterpiece. Sounds far better than ever.

    Noir noir noir noir noir noir noir

    In my humble opinion, the reworkings, new versions, didn’t succeed, few exceptions there.

  4. Martina Weber:

    Ich sehe es eher als visuelle Poesie. Da könnte man natürlich über die fehlenden Buchstaben und die Anordnung der vorhandenen Buchstaben herumphilosophieren, für mich hat das etwas von Musiknoten … was ja wiederum passt :)

  5. Uwe Meilchen:

    And I am delighted that german Television Programme WDR will re.broadcast next Weekend (Sundaynight to monday morning) the 1983 concert John Cale gave at the „Zeche“ in Bochum. Also shown again will be a concert with Lou Reed, recorded in Duesseldorf in 2000. / john-cale-bochum-dreiundachtzig …

  6. Ian M:

    I think the reworkings work well but the act of reworking nudges the exercise into a milieu beyond rock music = timespacemosaictheatre.

    I think M:FANS is the kind of thing people win a Legion d’Honneur for.

    I totally fucking LOVE M:FANS

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