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2016 26 Feb

Stone Flute

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Dear manafonistas! What a shame that so few will ever experience this recording. If you like any of the great „ambient“ stuff from the past 35 years or so (such as Harold Budd & Brian Eno’s „The Pearl“), I’d put a Ben Franklin down that says you’ll love this. Herbie Mann here strayed about as far as possible from the lounge-accessible genre of his other works. However, here’s a warning: If you are looking for extreme displays of prowess and virtuosity, and especially if you tend to expect virtuosity to be synonymous with speed, this is not what you’re looking for. But, if you are searching for a very unique, floating-above-the-clouds type experience, Herbie’s your Mann. The album „Stone Flute“ could have been titled „StonED Flute“ if they could’ve gotten away with it. Amazingly unique. I really hope Gregor will find this gem in his „Plattenschrank“! Best, David Cullum, from San Francisco!

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