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2016 10 Jan


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What does this partial book selfie say about the literary tastes of the shelfie-taker?


Next to nothing: that’s what. I’ll tell you what though: The Wrecking Yard is an American classic. I think music shelfies probably say more. But what if you sold or threw/gave away 90% of your vinyl and CD collection and rely instead on 4 apps? What you have is mostly partial virtual shelfies, like this:


„Loftus and Bone headed over to the Bowl*O*Drome to take in the women’s leagues and see if they could get Loftus’s mind off of Arnette. Arnette was the readheaded woman that had run off with some college puke a couple of days before and had broken Loftus’s heart and shattered his life.“

Pinckney Benedict, Getting Over Arnette from The Wrecking Yard.
„Red rain coming down over me in the red red sea, over me, over me, red rain“

Peter Gabriel, Red Rain from So.

Yeah, so fuck shelfies.

And long live shelfies.

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