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2016 9 Jan

Partial shelfie (film)

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  1. Uwe Meilchen:

    „Local Hero“ and „Cal“ are very well known movies – but only some people know „Comfort & Joy“, the third film for which Mark Knopfler wrote some incidental music. That’s how I discovered these three movies and instantly liked them – so kudos for putting „Comfort & Joy“ on your shelfie.

    For the rest of the pictured movies I guess I have to do some homework ! ;-D

  2. Ian M:

    I’ve never seen either Local Hero or Cal – although I did read the novel Cal a long long time ago. Bernard Maclaverty, was it?

    This was a random snapshot of part of the shelf.

    It goes like this (from top to foot of pic)

    Fekete Kefe – Hungarian comedy
    Heavyweights – Hollywood comedy
    Lucien Freud: portraits – art comedy
    Comfort & Joy – ice cream wars comedy
    Essex Boys: Retribution – drugs comedy
    The Wake Live At The Hacienda – music
    if – total comedy
    Zyerkel – Russian comedy
    Stalker – alien comedy
    The Sacrifice – nuclear comedy
    Iwo Jima – cheap made for cable TV documentary
    Bronson – incarceration comedy
    Nosferatu – blood comedy
    Senna – fucking tragedy
    Great Expectations – intertidal marshland comedy

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