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2016 4 Jan

Salford Manhattan

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At 168.8 metres, the Beetham Tower is the 12th tallest building in the UK. Here’s how it looked on 3rd January 2016 from a street in Salford. From this angle, The Beetham Tower looks a bit like a USB memory stick. And shorter than a traffic light that is throwing psychedelic spangles into the mystical, invincible Lancashire grey. It was so grey in the north of England today, they had to cancel the trains in Cumbria. In the Sellafield Hauptbahnhof, there were only steampunk nuclear buses. Low on km/h but high on Geiger fizz.

Silk Flowers may or may not have been the 12th tallest rock group* from Manhattan. These things are difficult to ascertain. Not as tall as a traffic light anyhow. Here is how they sounded, 5 or 6 years ago. I wish I could sing like that, I tell ya!
*Rock group is a misnomer.

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  1. Lajla:

    I bet you met Macheath at the Ampel.
    Are you still under water in Glasgow?

  2. Ian M:

    The Ampel in Salford: walk/don’t walk isn’t an imperative. Be in a car or a combat exeskeleton day or night or gloaming is the advice.

    No Atlantis here in Ecosse. I live by the river. It is well short of flood stage. (I just looked out the window.)

    Hope you had a great holiday.

  3. Lajla:

    Ha you are a candidate for a future Soldat with your exesceleton, pretty kafkaesque.

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