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2015 16 Dez

Rod Reynolds is the winner of the „Mana Thrill Factory Prize“

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1) Rod Reynolds: The Dark Inside

2) Brian Panovich: Bull Mountain

3) Adrian McKinty: Gun Street Girl (part 4 of the Sean Duffy Series)

4) Peter Swanson: The Kind Worth Killing

5) Claire Fuller: Our Endless Numbered Days

6) Garth Risk Hallberg: City On Fire

7) Rosamund Lupton: The Quality of Silence

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Justified praise:

    ‚Rod Reynolds depicts the dark heart of 1940s Texas with terrific punch and authenticity, achieving the rare trick of combining fearsome grit with real heart. A seriously good debut.‘ (Anya Lipska author of Where the Devil Can’t Go)

    A hopeful invoking of the cult TV drama True Detective on the jacket proves to be more than publisher hyperbole: The Dark Inside evokes the same shadowy, phantasmagoric atmosphere as the first series of that show. Rod Reynolds, a recent graduate from the crime-writing course at City university, London, shows that the UK is still nurturing new talent in the genre; with this fact-based tale, he takes his place among those British writers drawn to the sprawling canvas of the US. (Barry Forshaw Financial Times)

    ‚This is a debut novel by a young British writer but reads like an authentic piece of good old-fashioned Southern noir…There are echoes of Chandler in washed-up journalist Charlie Yates’s terse, cynical narration but this is more than a mere pastiche: it’s subtle, original and enthralling.‘ (Jake Kerridge Sunday Express)

    ‚I can’t recommend The Dark Inside highly enough, it’s a brilliantly atmospheric debut thriller. A superb detective story that is written rather beautifully in an old-style voice that is just wonderful.‘ (David, @omgthatbook)

    ‚A multiple murderer is at work in Rod Reynolds’s powerful debut…The London-born Reynolds has taken a risk in telling such an archetypally American tale in his first novel, but it’s one that mostly pays off.‘ (Nick Rennison The Sunday Times)

    ‚Drawn inexorably and unrelentingly into a fascinating web of intrigue and deception, readers will find there can be no turning back until the last page has turned.
    Stylish, assured and perceptive, The Dark Inside is a remarkable first novel.‘

    (Pam Norfolk Lancashire Evening Post)

    ‚A gripping, dark, engrossing read and one which I found highly entertaining. I am impatiently waiting for more from Rod Reynolds.‘ (fromfirstpagetolast.wordpress)

    ‚Sometimes there is a great deal of buzz about a book, generated by the readers. This is one of those times. This book is that AMAZING. It is more than amazing. I would like to add my voice, to all of those singing its praises!‘ (Northern Crime Girl)

    ‚This book has something that definitely makes it stand out from many others I’ve read. I was genuinely taken with Yates‘ tenacity and journalistic cunning, which I found quite compelling. The setting and atmosphere were great and finally, you’d expect a small community would have some things to hide, but not what comes out at the climax of the novel – a really dark inside.‘ (The Crime Warp)

    ‚All in all an intelligent and atmospheric recreation of some very dark and brutal events indeed, and more than happy to see that a sequel is in the offing. A highly recommended debut.‘ (Jackie Farrant Raven Crime Reads)

    Intense, unconventional and a very good read. Rod Reynolds makes a fine crime fiction debut with ‚The Dark Inside‘, and he does so by taking several authorial risks, all of which pay off, yielding a gripping plot with a difference. (Nicola Mira Thriller Books Journal)

    ‚This is a debut – something that stops me in my tracks every time I remember it – the writing is both visceral and gentle, a really quite staggering achievement both in character study and incorporation of setting – If Rod Reynolds spends the rest of his writing career (and boy is this guy going to have a career) creating books only half as good as this one, he will still be writing some of the top fiction out there. A truly incredible talent.‘ (Liz Wilkins Liz Loves Books)

  2. Rod Reynolds:

    Thanks so much for placing my book at the top of your list. I’m thrilled, and really flattered to feature alongside such an amazing selection of titles.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Kind words, Rod. I will soon send you an email.

    A small interview for our blog would be nice, within the next two months, another one, a bit longer and even more related to the book when a German company is going to publish it.

    Nevertheless, your book will get a review in one of my next late hour radio shows at the Deutschlandfunk – mixed with some „Americana noir“….

    Best, Michael

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    „Bull Mountain“ erscheint, unter diesem Titel am 8. Februar bei Suhrkamp Nova, „City on Fire“ am 10. März bei S. Fischer. Andere Übersetzungsankündigungen liegen mir bislang nicht vor.

  5. Rod Reynolds:

    Hi Michael, that all sounds great, I’d love to appear on the blog – thank you. You can contact me via email or Twitter: @Rod_WR

    All Best,

  6. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Will do. M

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