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2015 11 Nov

On burning: Kurt, John & Rashied

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Do you know John Coltrane’s „Interstellar Space“? Well, that was another one I burned on my way. At first, I was into the earlier John Coltrane, and then when he went into more free jazz, at first I didn’t like it as much because I was so into his early tone and the swing and the melody of this more classic jazz, but the next one’s more like that. Jesse turned me on to it. We got stuck on the way home from an LA show or somewhere, we got dumped off in Phoenix, Arizona, and we had to stay for the night. We knew a really good record store there, Revolver Records, there was just a ton of jazz. I was wanting to stock up so I got Interstellar Space as a recommendation. When I first listened, I was like, [shrugs] yeah, ‚cause he’s just freaking out, just him and a drummer, Rashied Ali, then I burned it anyway. Usually what happens is that it sounds so good ‚cause it’s burned from those original vinyls and then you crank it in your headphones and it just sounds unreal, so that’s what happened with that one on the way to Joshua Tree. My mind was blown and it’s just so open and such raw emotion and so psychedelic without any of the pretensions that ‚psychedelic‘ eventually became – he’s just the real thing. It’s just wide open and sprawling. Sincerely yours, Kurt Vile! 

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