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2015 15 Okt

May he never know this life of chaos

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Diane, have you ever seen a deer that had run in a pick up´s windshield und stuck? It was a few days ago around midnight when I decided to get an impression of the “Sons of anarchy”. I like watching men acting in an only-men´s group. But I don´t like it for a too long time. So. When is the moment a character arises and you don´t want to stop? Jax entering the convenient store, in his black SOA California leather jacket, flicking through a children´s book. Louise sitting there on a chair, adjusting her pale green t-shirt. Body language. The way he buys a large packet of condoms. A flush of red in her face? She wants to please him. He knows it. Maybe they had a thing together. Probably not. Have you ever found something surprising in the old storage, surrounded by your teddy bear, your parents´ photo album and your first record player? Maybe a staple of a typed story written by your father you are not supposed to read. No story, but the truth. Seems to be one of the threads. At this very instant Jax begins to read it I wouldn´t have dared to knock on the door. Diane, have you ever heard the sound in the ears of your beloved next to you, at night?



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