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2015 15 Okt

John Peel Show Radio 1 – 27 July 1988

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Botswana Defence Force Dance Band – House of Love – Ripcord – Tuff Crew – Carcass – The James Dean Driving Experience – The Wild Swans – Public Enemy – Amayenge – Thee Hypnotics – Dub Sex

Howard Marks, a Welshman arrested in Mallorca on suspicion of masterminding a billion dollar hashish-smuggling operation, speaks from Palma prison to protest his innocence. The fourty-two-year-old admits to trafficking eight hundred kilos of hashish in 1973, but says he has no involvement with drugs since then.

Here’s an inspiring letter from John Whitmore who writes to me from Colkirk near Farkenham in Norfolk, sayin‘ in part: „When I was driving my dad’s car the other day, I got him to put on your show on the  pretext that you sometimes play jazz records if someone notable has died. Anyway, you then played Extreme Noise Terror, and after a sort of stunned silence my mum goes: „It’s a lot like Little Richard, isn’t it?“

Just in case Mrs Whitmore is listening tonight, Peel follows her son’s letter by playing ‚Vomited Anal Tract‘ by the Liverpool grindcore band Carcass, from their new album on Earache Records, Reek of Putrefaction. 

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    … another excerpt from the fabulous book by David Cavanagh, Good Night And Good Riddance, Faber & Faber, 2015

    Highly recommended for time travel activities between 1967 and 2003!

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