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2015 27 Sep

The installment of the third parallel reading experience

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Anthony Doerr: Alles Licht Das Wir Nicht Sehen / All The Light We Cannot See


Till Sunday, Nov. 15th: the first 200  pages (in your own rhyhtm) 

Till Sunday, Nov. 22nd: p. 200-300

Till Sunday, Nov. 29th: p. 300-400

Till Sunday, Dec. 6th („Nikolaus“): p. 400 – end of the book


Nearly same procedure as every year. Every Sunday, everybody leaves a comment on personal experiences (short, epic, nevermind). Auf deutsch, englisch, egal. A „christmas gift“ will be there for „the chosen one“ (es entscheidet das Los!) on „Nikolaustag“. This time „the prize“ will be pure, overwhelming surprise. And the winner takes it all. Just leave a comment that you’re part of the game. At this moment Ian and Michael have already joined the club. Of course, non-Mananafonistas are welcome, too. Fresh blood or old acquaintancies. Everybody can quit anytime.

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The choice of the book was made after an intense discussion on Sept. 26th. See blog.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Maybe our friend of „Nordische Musik“ will be here, too. He might as well send me his adress via email. I owe him (correct English?) a King Crimson record.

  3. Lajla Nizinski:

    Losverfahren? Bingo! Da hätte ich gute Chancen :) Bin, wie schon erwähnt, im November in Uruguay.

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