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2015 12 Sep

Cow Country (für Gregorio)

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The next parallel reading adventure?:) Upon its release the book created a minor controversy as faculty and staff of Cow Eye Community College expressed concerns about the book´s authenticity.

Cow Country was longlisted for the Dimwiddle Prize for First Fiction (2015). In a September 9, 2015 article, Harper’s Magazine suggested that the author of Cow Country was Thomas Pynchon.

Art (not Don) Winslow argued that Mr. Pynchon had pulled a sly prank on the literary establishment by publishing “Cow Country” under the pen name Adrian Jones Pearson, partly to prove that no one would bother reading a novel by an unknown writer.

A Manafonista who was part of the West Coast Underground Scene in the 70’s and knew Pynchon from several „wild parties“ read the book within seven days, and has no doubts about it: a new Pynchon, definitely, using more simple narrative techniques, excluding songs, but leaving his mark on every page. His or her text analysis will be published in „The Scotsman“ at the end of October. Translation by Bob T. Bright. We’ll keep you posted.

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