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2015 9 Sep


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„Regarded as eight plus hours of ambient drift, it also grows into a piece of considerable emotional weight. It becomes a meditation upon our being alive, of our continuing to breathe as the world rumbles continuously in our absence. This is music that might best be experienced in a flickering semi-conscious state, those parlous and fraught seconds in which a gaping void is glimpsed in tiny flashes before cognition vanishes without warning to be replaced by emptiness. Although Max Richter created Sleep so as to soundtrack the ideal period of rest, any live performance of it will doubtlessly be a richly immersive and moving experience.“


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Als achtstündiger Download erhältlich, aber auch als komponierte Einzel-Cd.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Womöglich eine Rückkehr zur Form, nach seinem Vivaldi-Zirkus …

  3. Ian M:

    Inside Max Richter’s vinyl collection

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I like Grouper, played one of her records a year ago.

    On the same site the streaming of the forthcoming Robert Forster-album…

    What’s jusr on high rotation in your living room?

  5. Ian M:

    At the moment, I am greatly enjoying „Everybody’s a Fuckin Expert“ by Shit and Shine (Editions Mego label). It’s totally great. Also loving Masayoshi Fujita’s „Moonlight“ from the soon-to-be-released LP „Apologues“ (Erased Tapes). And „BEcoming“ by Stacy Barthe (Motown) has also been getting played a lot. Plenty of old stuff too: Pink Floyd’s „Dogs“ and Public Enemy’s „Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos“. Also getting further into Harold Budd’s „Bandits of Stature“ – genius.

  6. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Good morning, Glasgow. That’s quite a wild beast. Will get the „Moonlight-CD“ for my next radio night. Pink Floyd’s „Dogs“? Must be ancient, a song, not an album, I seem to have missed it completely. With Syd Barrett still „almost“ well snd alive? And the one from Editions Mego is probably on the hard core side of things. Bloody noisy stuff?

  7. IanM:

    „Dogs“ is from Animals. The Editions Mego record sounds like it would be hardcore but it’s not, really. It’s just kind of bonkers – in a genius way. Masayoshi Fujita’s record is released in the UK tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear it!

  8. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Okay, let’s make a deal, for the first time in my 25 years of independant radio I let someine else decide…:)

    Chose your favourite track from the cd with that japanese sounding vibraphone player, and I’ll play it. Only limitation: not longer than eight minutes:)

    Let’s do it.

    And add a few lines what you like about that track. Or a few more lines. I love to quote:)

  9. Ian M:

    Ok – I will email you my selection from „Aplogues“ when I’ve listened to the full LP.

  10. Michael Engelbrecht:

    First choice – best choice:)

  11. Michael Engelbrecht:

    At this moment in time the second hour of the next show:

    Jono El Grande

    Mercury Rev (not yet heard)

    Matana Roberts (hard to get the real cd)

    Max Richter

    Masayoshi Fujita (blame it on Ian:))

    Final Track

  12. Michael Engelbrecht:

    And this could be the first of five (!) live hours:

    Morten Qvenild (not yet heard)

    Elephant 9

    Erland Dahlen

    Eivind Aarset

    Tigran Hamasyan

    Gurdjieff Ensemble

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