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2015 21 Aug

What would you play?

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Imagine you were a musician being invited to work out and compile a program of – let´s say – fourteen cover titles, mainstream or far beyond that, corresponding to your personal biography. It´s more than just performing them, in addition giving a short presentation of each song: artist, composer, historical context, theoretical structure of that piece of music, … You are free to play the entire song or just a fragment of it – those „Fine Lines“ (John Martyn). Guitar professor Kurt Rosenwinkels recommendation to play standards – because each one has an aspect that one can learn and earn from – could also apply to many modern pop- and folksongs and their manifold hybrid crossings. You may tell a little story of your relationship to the song you´re going to play. You may sing, play your instrument like guitar or piano, you may dance, for a very few songs you may choose your favorite company like (haha!) Thomas Morgan on Bass, Brian Eno playing additional keyboards and Sebastian Rochford on drums.

Here is a possible list of mine (work in progress for a project …):

  1. James Taylor: „Let It All Fall Down“
  2. David Sylvian: „The Boy With The Gun“
  3. Milton Nascimento: „Don Quixote“
  4. Talking Heads/Peter Gabriel: „Listening Wind“
  5. The Eagles: „Hotel California“
  6. Joni Mitchell: „A Strange Boy“
  7. Steely Dan: „Peg“
  8. Walter Becker: „Upside Looking Down“
  9. Rebekka Bakken: „Everything Can Change“
  10. Robben Ford: „Peace Of Mind“
  11. Eric Clapton: „Layla“
  12. Pat Metheny: „So May It Secretly Begin“
  13. Rikkie Lee Jones: „Ugly Man“
  14. Bob Dylan/Sarah Jarosz: „Ring Them Bells“


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  1. Uwe Meilchen:

    I dunno why but I see myself more in front of a Karaoke machine,
    so my setlist would be short but funpacked:
    The Kinks: Days
    ABBA: The Day Before You Came
    Samuel Barber: Adagio For Strings
    Bob Dylan: Not Dark Yet
    Leonard Cohen: The Night Comes On
    Elvis Costello: Indoor Fireworks
    Klaus Hoffmann: Kann nicht verzeih’n
    The Eagles: The Last Resort

  2. Lajla Nizinski:

    Hier meine Liste um Doppelpack:

    Merle Haggard: Lorena
    Roy Orbinson: Leah

    Joni Mitchell: Blue
    Lucinda Williams: Blue

    The Kinks: Days
    The Beatles: Day in my Life

    The Who: Substitute
    wer findet, was Passendes?

  3. Jochen:

    „What will you do, when you get lonely? With no one waiting by your side …“

    Beim nächsten Mana-Meeting singe ich „Layla“ mit J – gesetzt den Fall,
    der Rest der Truppe stimmt im Chorus mit ein … :)

    I prefer the acoustic version of that song: Eric Clapton unplugged. The Chorus-Line is in D minor, the verse goes half a tone deeper, turns to C sharp minor. Very nice!

    Category: Mainstream.

  4. Ian M:

    Wild Thing – The Troggs
    New Rose – The Damned

    4 – Aphex Twin
    Berlin – Jeff Mills

    KV.550 (Molto Allegro) – Mozart
    Cello Sonata 1, Dialogo – Ligeti

    Portrait for Frazier – Vini Reilly
    Late October – Harold Budd/Brian Eno

    Criminally Insane (Remix) – Slayer
    Phantom Of The Opera – Iron Maiden

    Cello Song – Nick Drake
    Squonk – Genesis

    Robot 415 – Miles Davis

    Me (or anyone) on vox

    Jacques Brel on bass

    André Breton on tambourine and cakes

    The mid-19th Century on drums

    You (or anyone) on lead guitar and programming

  5. Lajla Nizinski:

    Jochen, das gibt die nächste L Geschichte.

    Wie wär’s mit einem Treffen am Main Stream? Martina hätte es nicht weit.

  6. Jochen:

    … vielleicht mit einer Bootsfahrt auf dem Fluss: Manafonistas on Main Stream.
    Somewhere Down The Crazy River

  7. Martina Weber:

    Bitte kein Mainstreamprogramm am Main Stream :)

    Wie wär´s denn mit der schon für Sylt geplanten Radtour? Es gibt nicht nur den Main Stream, sondern auch die entzückende Nidda hier.

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