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2015 24 Jul

Langeoog, Amrum, Barra – Time for Lighthouses

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Manafonistas love islands. Within the next six months, some of them will see lighthouses in distant parts of Scotland and the German area of the Northern Sea. But, whenever you think of lighthouses, time is running backwards, and pictures from the (distant) past appear before the inner eye. Lighthouses always leave a deep impact in childhood, they are more striking than skycrapers, cause they appear without „companions“, often in desolated spaces.

In the last days, I thought about „Skylight“, a record with Art Lande, Dave Samuels and Paul McCandless. I haven’t heard it since the last century, but now I ordered a vinyl copy (lost the old one long time ago). I even thought about the lighthouse on the cover. But there is no such thing. Memory playing tricks. Nevertheless I’m sure that the music will live up to my imagination: one of the most beautiful recordings of Art Lande (another great one is his duo with Jan Garbarek from the early 70’s).


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