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2015 24 Jul


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According to Danny Fawcett, The Residents aren’t musicians. They are artists, but they choose to use music and sound collage as their main medium. If you decide to take the plunge to this album, brace yourself for a shock. Song structure, choruses, the entire basis of pop music is thrown out and mercilessly skewered. Eskimo stands as one of the great examples of how the giant eyeballs can create non-musical music. Eskimo is even more interesting when you know a bit about the Eskimo Myth… how N. Senada, the Residents‘ guru, came back from a trip to the Yukon with a thermos full of „arctic air“ and bizzare stories about eskimo instruments. According to the myth, the Residents went into seclusion, learning how to make traditional „eskimo“ instruments and learning about their mythology and culture, creating an album that embraced Eskimo culture. Does it sound like a crock of …? It probably is… the Residents like to surround themselves with obvious lies and disinformation, after all. But true or not, the myth is fun, and it makes Eskimo a real treat to listen to. So put on your headphones, turn down the lights, and let them take you away to the frigid north. Do they have lighthouses?

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