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2015 14 Jul

Janek’s Self-Made Birthday Music

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„Dirty Acid Reign“
The story

I first started dancing on the Podium 25years ago and have not stopped. I always wanted to make dance music, but I was unable to follow the Rules of Rhythm … Until now! I spent far tooo long making this audio and visual extravaganza. But I have had people dancing to it at my Lucky Dip Disco’s … A little dream come true then  … And am now releasing it as … A single edition single sided 7” single called ‘Dirty Acid Reign’ by Mr Manic. It surprised me … A sort of 4am in a rave tent as the dawn emerges attitude.. A little polyrhythmic, but that is how I dance … Bouncing between the beats. Short Sharp in a and out. Either irritating or infectious? You may love or like what happened … No stress either way. It’s fun.

I am selling only 1 copy of the 7” on Ebay in an auction that ends at 4.50pm London time 14th July.

Best, Janek (Schaefer)

Happy Birthday, Janek!


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Quite easily some Manafonistas‘ favourite 12k release for some time – an incredible blend of field recordings, found sounds and Janek’s signature manipulated transmissions.

    The composition is his calmest yet, and is based around location recordings made in the middle of the night above the M3 motorway, right at the end of the road where JG Ballard lived, a couple of miles from Schaefer’s studio on the far west edge of London.

    Ballard wrote his seminal works on car culture, as the motorway was being built past the front of his house in 1973; Crash (1973), Concrete Island (1974).

    The 73 minute album weaves these location recordings around a series of spacious sonorities, that shimmer with analogue textures and liminal melodies that burnout in the passing headlights.

    The speeding traffic dopplertrails reveal fleeting passages of soporific sounds that entice you to recline, drift and fade away. An album to enjoy with your eyes closed, on repeat play until the dawn rush hour returns…

    Lay-by Lullaby was created in 2013 as a sculptural installation for Schaefer’s solo London show ’Collecting Connections’ at the Agency gallery. A pair of reclining traffic speaker cones play back the foundsoundscape from a car radio installed in a little leather travel case on infinite loop.“

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Mail from Janek Schaefer

    Thank you Michael

    7” sold for £57 yahoooooo

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