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2015 13 Jul

Chris and Maurice

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Maurice: It is … it is noise!
Chris: What are you talking about, Maurice?! It’s very melodic. Indian music has it’s own very specific lyricism.
Maurice: It sounds like people are throwin‘ garbage cans around! It’s a lot of caterwauling. Yes, it is noise.
Chris: Let’s put on a show tune, huh? Carousel?
Maurice: I like it when you play;  when you talk on the air. I like it when you talk to people on the radio.
Chris: I play the records and you run the station!
Maurice: Play Schubert, play Sondheim, play Edith Piaf. Put something on that’s got a little something to it!
Chris: Hey, I’m playing what I wanna play. That’s the deal, right?
Maurice: No, no, no. The deal is, you play what you wanna play as long as I like it.

Chris: Oh, that’s the deal? Forget it!
Maurice: Alright then, forget it.
Chris: I play the records and you run the station!

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1 Comment

  1. Martina Weber:

    Estragon: What exactly did we ask him for?
    Vladimir: Were you not there?
    Estragon: I can´t have been listening.
    Vladimir: Oh… nothing very definite.
    Estragon: A kind of prayer.
    Vladimir: Precisely.
    Estragon: A vague supplication.
    Vladimir: Exactly.
    Estragon: And what did he reply?
    Vladimir: That he´d see.
    Estragon: That he couldn´t promise anything.
    Vladimir: That he´d have to think it over.

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