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2015 6 Jul

The Dumping of a „Schnapsidee“ at sea, and other things

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I started the mix of the first three chapters of „the book of the manafonistas“ one day ago. Again and again (in between searching  and searching and searching the fitting texts and „interims“) I realized how great the idea is, regarding form and structure. And how time-consuming. Time is not on your side here. Well, it´s fun mixed with the myth of Sysyphos. It will definitely not work without anyone offering me 125.000,00 Dollars. Seeing good ideas fail along the way, is part of life. So, for my part, I just want to inform you that Joey can send the raw material to all of you – and then you know. Or try it for yourself. It might take ten days of work (six hours every day) to get it into shape and kind of class. Honestly, I can only warn anyone to follow this „schnapsidee“ – you can see this whole process as a study of illusions at work. Seeing apparitions vanish. I think, I still prefer detective work. One of my jobs at hand is to find out how to make the best cider of La Bretagne (nearly no commercial distribution at all, simply rumours, and small quantums of treasure hunt romanticism) find its way to my cellar. The spare leads make it necessary to travel to Paris, and, later on, to a small village near Brest, to a farm with wild dogs and high tech-security systems. (I`m so sorry Gregs can`t join me on that trip – the dogs would kill him). If I get that going – far from easy – every manafonista will be invited for the biggest apple cider party ever in this hillside region of Germany.

P.S. We´re enthusiasts, storytellers, music lovers and much more. Surprise is a constant element of reading this blog, isn´t it? So here another announcement that may surprise longtime readers or listeners of my radio shows. I will not be at the Punkt Festival this year. Ten times in a row I`ve been there. It was such a long period of time in which I saw human relationships and  musical  ideas grow, thanks to the commitment of the artistic directors Jan Bang and Erik Honore – and the creative and supporting  input of so many people around. Kristiansand has become a musical power spot in all those years, and I can highly recommend anyone to go there. This year I simply had to make a decision between two options. A win-win. Now, funny as some of these lines may appear, they do definitely have a serious sub-text: making decisions. Breaking patterns

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Not sooo funny: i lay awake in the wee hours of the morning thinking how to get this going. If something’s follows you up into your dreams, it’s a sign, good or not so good. In this case it was a clear advice to get things handled one way or another. It didn’t take long to call it a day. Mission Impossible might work for Tom Cruise, it’s not my option.

    I really underestimated that this all quickly turns into exhaustive work on details and structural elements.

    And because we are not on a mission of existenzial dimensions, I soon was in a very clear state of mind. Just tried the „real work“. Change of perspective.

    Really funny coincidence: the Punkt Festival question was solved during the same span of time I wrote about putting down the work on this book project.

    Short letter, long goodbye. Concerning Punkt. Funny how two different things sometimes come to best conclusions.

    Will have fun to post photos here of brilliant Parisian galettes in the near future.

  2. Gregor:

    „I`m so sorry Gregs can`t join me on that trip – the dogs would kill him“. Was soll ich zu diesen Zeilen sagen? Nothing! Can´t believe that!

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Without the dogs, you would be a great companion, Gregs. But I have to care for friends, right? And you can bet your collection of Paul Bley records on the fact that this all is much more about truth than fiction!!.

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