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2015 3 Jul

Jazz Mentalities … (0): change, consolidation, reconstruction, diversification, erosion

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Jazz Mentalities: Perceptions and Potentials from the Periphery
Turbulent change, consolidation and erosion
Cases of Good Practice
Essential components
A musicians’ perspective
  European clusters
  Natural allies/alliences
Music in perspective
  Dynamics‘ quality
  The Known-Unknown relationship

Brief sketch of developments/circumstances
 • Emergence of regional European jazz variants

 • New approaches, new forms of making music

 • (Profiling) national funding-/subsidy systems

 • Digital production, distribution, consuming of music

 • Digital communication

 • Emergence of collectives, networks, grass root organization

 • Diversification, stratification (delta formation)

 • Breakdown, erosion, reconstruction
Against this backdrop, the following question arises: How can scenes from the Eastern part of Europe carve out striking profiles and strong and characteristic identities within the dynamics of European exchange and collaboration on so many different levels?

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