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2015 17 Jun

Nguyên Lê, guitar player

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The simultaneousness of instrumental virtuosity and a complete lack of artistic vision. My definition of lifeless music. The guy may be a nice fellow, a wonderful human being, but his music bores me beyond belief. Concerning the musical output of John McLaughlin during the last ten years, we here have two strong candidates for an alternative version of death by chocolate. Or wrong-directed adrenaline. You can be killed by cliches, too. He has many fans who love his music. So this is a minority report.

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1 Comment

  1. ijb:

    Dieser Minority schließe ich mich gerne an. Wäre prinzipiell interessiert daran, ob es bei PUNKT evtl. eine positive Überraschung gibt, werde aber voraussichtlich diesmal selbst nicht anwesend sein können.

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