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There will be no blog dates. No time lines. No dated chronology. No footnotes. No emoticons, no „ue’s“ and „ae’s“. And no endless discussions. And the title of every (former or new) „blog“ entry will be the first sentence / phrase of the text. In fat letters. Every academic title will be replaced by a sensual one. If Jan R. contributes a review of his reading of the Tago Mago-book, the sober title will not be used, but something more marginal and sensual. So the book will be full of „funny little titles“. There is only a small amount of space between the stories, there will be no „new story-new page“-approach. Now here the magic procedere for chapter one ( and the whole thing ) …

I will choose four texts. They will go to Person No. 2 who adds one, two, three or four texts that make somehome sense (logical sense, dream logic sense, intuition) in the context of the first texts. He wraps them around the existing texts, they are not put in one person’s „corner“.  He might even  offer a full contrast program with no deeper affinities to the first installment. Then person No. 2 sends the collected stuff to person No. 3 till the circle will have been closed. Then we do have, let’s assume, round about 24 texts (stories).

The trick is – this bunch of mysteriously linked or un-linked stories will be cooked in the oven by adding special spices – the „interim texts“, „schraffiert gedruckt“. These interim texts will consist of original texts that link two disparate or not so disparate elements, We can also make use of repeating certain  phrases that come earlier or later in the book (flash back, flash forward, nice dejavues). It can even be a chorus of contradictory comments, but there will never be a name of an author in these interim texts. They are of purely socialist nature. Everybody can add or substract from the interim texts near the end of the final mix. For the first chapter, I will create or look for interim texts. Then everybody will get it via email – and then everybody can much easier estimate for her or himself that the whole thing will or will not work. That’s all. Now think twice.

P.S.: In the first version of the book, there will be no photos, no links. Only essentials. Stories, stories, interims. In the end an introduction will be written, and topics of „bibliophile“ magic can be discussed. That’s ornamention.

Stories. Thoughts. Sensuality.

I would be interested in the chemistry of this test phase, with all its possible elements of enlightenment and collapsing. For me it’s a fun-fun-situation.

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