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((Everybody who has not yet offered his attitude towards the book must do so till the end of June, the earlier, the better. The „yes“-option would be purely provisorial (is that the word?), not final – no holy pacts required!))

The book would be a furious mix of styles and voices, a kind of story collection that mixes music reviews, book reviews, mini-essays, autobiographical stuff, fiction, dreams, youth memories, fakes, travel stories, movie meditations, interview segments, etc etc with, in parts very strong language and strong sex references. No joke intended. The book would not be one of these „smart Alec“-fuck-ups, but a wonderful overdose of stories, stories and stories. The best reviews are stories with an ego involved.

The book will therefore have, let’s suggest, the double amount of chapters as writers involved, f.e.: 7 writers, 14 chapters. Or 7 writers, 21 chapters, depends on the growing thing. Every co-writer will produce the basis of every chapter by delivering (let’s say 4 texts) that are, for her or him, connected in some obvious or hidden way. At the end of the writing, mixing and remixing, it might be possible to take away the big chapter titles, cause they are just a tool for focusing the energy on the single steps of the book.

The one who has written  most of the texts in the „history of manafonistas“, is the one who sets the tone for the first „chapter“, me in this case. And we  can handle this first chapter as a test for the whole book, let’s look at it as a holographic test. The graphic outlook and the „fucking genius“ trick of the working with disparate materials will be decribed in part three. So, look and enjoy.

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