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2015 2 Jun

Only Kitsch can make you rich

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What do you do first when you enter a museum? Do you run to the painting you wanted to admire since ever or do you walk around and star into your catalogue instead of looking at the paintings on the wall? Maybe you are a visitor, who look first at the signs to learn more about the painter/painting. Or maybe you are very insecure in determinating, if the fire extinguisher is art or not? How does art come into a museum? Why are the prices so fucking high inbetween?

Julia Voss is a German journalist, who writes about Art for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. She tries to explain, what is going on on the Artmarket.



Merve Verlag Berlin. 18,00 EU


I really liked the chapter about „THE GIMPEL MODEL“: Monsieur Gimpel was an English art trader, who collected the Alten Meister. He died in a concentrationcamp. He claimed, that a painting without myth is nothing. In the atelier it’s only a chrysalis. It needs the network of the market to reach a value through the customers. Enjoy!



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1 Comment

  1. Martina Weber:

    I love the museumsshops and I often visit them first. Several years ago I bought an awesome under water plant in the Senckenbergmuseum and it was great fun for months. There was this little girl, J, who was for a few holy minutes silent while watching the plant grow so I could talk to her mother.

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