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2015 30 Mai

The murderer in the painter

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If I would be invited to take lively part in a picture, I would choose the role of Judith. It was Caravaggio (1571-1610) who painted that charming woman, who killed – not at all charming, he – the General Holofernes. She just cut off his head to save her country from that mean general. Caravaggio was not at all a saint soul, he was killing himself and was wellknown as a troublemaker. You can find the heavy way of life in all of his paintings, of course not in his Stillleben, though he took once the artichokes out of a basket and threw them against somebody. For me is art important as I can find out something of the period the painter was living in. Caravaggio shows us in a dramatic way, how life was than formed.Predominantly through the catholic church. For the artists it was forbidden to paint prostitutes, thiefs or even murderers. Caravaggio painted them against the order and was exiled several times out of Rome. I am preparing my trip to Malta, whereto Caravaggio took flight, because he hit his friend to death. He stayed only 15 months on the island, where I’m looking forward to admire two paintings: „Saint Hieronimus“ and the „Decapitation of John the Baptist.“ It will be my first and only admiration for a real killer.

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  1. Lajla Nizinski:

    Sorry, that I can’t show a picture, it’s not allowed.

  2. Jochen:

    Hab´s verlinkt, so müsste es gehen.

  3. Lajla nizinski:

    Dank dir Jochen

  4. Henning Bolte:

    Die Medien früher und heute: die Bluttat, drapiert, arrangiert, mit viel Symbolgehalt. Fast klinisch. Nix gegen Caravaggio. Und: wenn wir den Katholizismus nicht hätten, gehabt hätten …

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